Game Changing Designs

Creating Change, Through Games

Game Changing Designs

Creating Change, Through Games

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We develop games for commercial sale, but we also offer our services to a variety of business and organizations.

Not only do we create analog games for entertainment, but we also can create serious games. Games that serve a secondary, educational purpose.


We can work with Educators and Content Experts to craft experiences that lend weight to difficult or nuanced subjects. 

The perfect addition to any lesson plan, these experiences can lead to more impactful, repeatable moments. Ultimately bringing better engagement and absorption to the classroom.

We work with Organizations and Content Experts to make analog experiences that highlight an organization’s work. This can be used to create a variety of cost-effective, repeatable deliverables.


From small games, event-wide experiences, or gamification-enhanced documents, anything we do will be done to help enhance audience engagement and content retention.

Looking for new methods to entice your customers? Trying to motivate your employees? Integrating new systems that require complex training?


Gamification could be the solution to your problem. These well tested, scalable solutions can be applied to nearly any document or system.


Our Process

  • Contact – During this step we’ll review your project, company, and timeline to completion.
    • Depending on our current work volume we’ll setup a meeting to talk about your project in full
  • 1st Meeting – Estimate – During this step we’ll talk about your target audience, your budget, and your expectations for end deliverables
    • We’ll take that information and create an estimate that codifies what time and resources we will expect the project to take.
  • 2nd Meeting – Agreement – Once you’ve reviewed our estimate, we’ll meet to adjust our contract to meet your needs for final review.
    • This agreement will include review and payment schedules, deliverable releases upon payment.
  • Project Meetings – At several points during the project, we’ll have appointed individuals to ensure that the project is staying on-track and meeting standards. 
  • Project Completion – When your project has reached it’s final milestone, the contract is complete, your deliverable and all rights are fully transferred upon payment. 


Agreements can be amended during the course of their operation to add more time due to increased scope/complexity. However, all parties involved in the agreement must agree to this increased duration.

Interested? Reach out to us!